IRID Inc. (formerly Infrared Identification Inc.) performs Basic and Applied Research through Patent and Prototype Development under IR&D and client funding as Prime or Subcontractor. Main specialty is novel applications of thermal infrared imaging.

Recent advances in thermal IR detector and optics technologies, along with reductions in price and size of LWIR large-format imagers, now offers commercialization potential for several prior projects.

IRID seeks collaboration with IR camera manufacturers and with potential clients, including in particular: medical research organizations, wound clinics, psychological assessment firms and university programs, law enforcement agencies at federal, state, and local levels, commercial security and surveillance companies.





The Company was formed in 2000 to acquire the assets of Technology Recognition Systems (TRS), a division of Betac International, after TRS was acquired by ACS of Dallas, a financial and government services NYSE company. Assets included biometric patents and prototype systems developed and demonstrated in the United States and foreign markets.

Prior to the acquisition, large scale testing of 2DIR biometric access control systems was performed under contracts to Hanscom Air Force Base, the Technical Support Working Group on Counter-terrorism, and Unisys Corporation. Performance was superior to other available biometrics, and suitable for commercial use. However, the cost of thermal infrared cameras limited market potential.

Subsequently, the company received funding from the NIST Advanced Technology Program to evaluate a three-dimensional IR identification technology through controlled experiments with human subjects under Institutional Review Board auspices. Identification accuracy was excellent. Commercialization for access control using a Sarcon MEMS detector array was planned, but was delayed when that product was not available.

IRID has continued its development of IR biometrics technology under IR&D and government funding. 3D facial models can now be generated from a single IR camera, without need for a range sensor, without need for both eyes to be imaged, and of course without controlled illumination. 3DIR remains the only known biometric technology that can perform realtime secure accountability of persons during emergency evacuations.

Meanwhile, IRID has diversified its research and development to other novel applications of thermal IR imaging that address specific requirements in the areas of surveillance, forensics, and wellness.